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Newest Widows 11 Update - Screwed Up Google Chrome

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barney15c | 20:40 Fri 16th Jun 2023 | Technology
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2023-06 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5027231) was installed on my new laptop yesterday and has completely Fck'd up my Google Chrome Browser , I cant load Facebook and Ebay just hangs, and that's just 2 sites, reinstalling Chrome has had no effect. Anyone else having problems with this new update?


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I have a powerful desktop computer that I never use because it’s constantly updating. Windows is a failed system and I hate it.
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Well i hate Windows 11 and resent the fact Microsoft are doing everything they can to force people to use it. Windows 10 is perfectly usable, Windows 11 is crippled in comparison.
It seems to be working fine for me, though I have W11 only on my laptop. My main desktop still runs W10 and will do so until Microsoft fix the godawful W11 start menu.
Not that long ago, I purchased a new laptop running Windows, and on initial boot-up I noticed that unless I logged onto the Microsoft website (and made relevant changes) it would not let me install and use any other browser than microsoft’s Edge.

I suspect your update may have invoked this restriction on your laptop – I suggest you google the issue, others must have experienced it.

I’m very surprised MS has placed this restriction on permissible browsers, after all they were heavily fined by various authorities for only bundling Internet Explorer with earlier versions of Windows.
PS: As a temporary workaround, try installing another (and better) Chromium-based browser:
i have a win 11 pc with all the updates and chrome works fine with me along side edge as alternative

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Newest Widows 11 Update - Screwed Up Google Chrome

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