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Thepiratebay - Currently Not Safe (More So Than Normal)

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Xeronema | 20:42 Sun 18th Dec 2022 | Technology
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I'll start by saying that TPB is also a source of legal downloads, so this shouldn't go against any TOC's for this site.

Please be careful using TPB at the moment (I suspect a lot of you haven't got a clue what I'm on about, which is fine. This 'question' is for the people that do use the site), the site has been breached and all torrents/magnet links are no unsafe executables (.exe file). Downloads that were uploaded recently and ones that were uploaded 10+ years ago are infected.

Sorry is this thread isn't allowed, I just thought it critical that people that do use the site are aware of the current dangers. If you don't use the site, it's probably best that you keep it that way. I'm not trying to promote illegal downloads, like I've mentioned above, the site is also used by many for legal downloads - myself included.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,


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What are you talking about ?
Does anyone know what he’s talking about and. Why ?
I know what he is talking about and it is a useful post for those who use thepiratebay
A timely warning IMHO (thankfully I don't use pirate bay)
thepiratebay is a filesharing website that uses among other things a download tool called bittorrent…

it has a bit of a reputation as the name might suggest for downloading illegal copies of copyrighted material and it was originally set up 20 years ago for that purpose… but as the OP points out that is no longer always the case and there are other reasons to use it… plenty of people use it for downloads that aren’t illegal

bittorrent has always been quite risky to the security of your device so i don’t entirely understand the exact specifics of why the site has apparently become unsafe but i would strongly advise against using it!
hii i just found this question on google and wondered if anyone knew anymore about it? i keep downloading exes that my virus scanner keeps deleteing. what mirror are you using? i have looked an cant seem to find any other help
there are others you know...just sayin

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Thepiratebay - Currently Not Safe (More So Than Normal)

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