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Trouble Registering On Vinted Website.

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Smowball | 15:16 Wed 03rd Aug 2022 | Technology
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I’ve tried to create a profile on I’ve put details in, created username, password, verified email address - all fine. BUT… when it comes to the last stage where it asks you to enter your phone number to verify your account, so they can either txt or call you, when I enter my mobile number it won’t accept it. Says it’s incorrect! So I’ve tried entering it with a gap in between first 5 digits and last 5 digits, I’ve tried entering all 10 digits in a row, same thing. It now says I’ve tried too many times so I can’t try again for 24 hours.
So, I’ve tried to contact VINTED. You can’t call them, so it tells you if you want to contact them leave a review and explain issue, which I did.
I then get an email from them - great! But email simply resends the verification link! Which of course I try and enter fone number again, and it again rejects it!
What else am I meant to try?? I can’t put a different number as I’m putting in the correct one.
Any bright ideas anyone?? (Apart from ‘give up!’)


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You have 11 numbers in a your mobile number....
You could try the international version of your number ie, replace the leading zero with +44
are you ommiting the 0 at the start then?? Try putting the 0 in?
Question Author
Sorry, I meant 11 digits
Question Author
No I’m putting the zero at the start.
Haven’t tried +44 then the rest of the numbers(minus the zero)
But can’t try for 24 hours now! Grrrrr
Yes,,, try without the zero at the start and dont leave any gaps between the first 4 and last 6
Question Author
Ok, I’ll have to try that tomorrow. Can’t see what else I can try. Thanks x
From the Vinted website although I'm surprised they don't tell you from the start what format they expect your mobile number to be entered:

Phone number verification not working
We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble verifying your phone number.

Here are some reasons why the verification may fail and how to solve it.

Double-check if you have correctly entered your:

Phone number with a ‘+’ and country code (use ‘+’ instead of ‘00’ and leave no spaces)
Question Author
Omg Thanku Prudie. No it doesn’t tell you, well not on my iPad it didn’t. Will have to wait till tomorrow and hope it works!
Question Author
I’ve got round it! I used a different email address that I have, different username and password, same phone number but in the format that Prudie said to use - and it’s worked!!
Thankyou Prudie x
Vinted has some really bad reviews, I wouldn’t recommend using them, stay with eBay or gumtree.
Just been having a similar problem - can't try again for 24 hours. They email me a link to a message in my account, which I can't access due to the mobile number issue! Setting up another account just gave me the same problem, although I now know that this may be a problem with Vinted banning multiple accounts that use the same network connection (ludicrous). So they have just lost a customer due to their total incompetence. I can't even log in to delete my account!!

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Trouble Registering On Vinted Website.

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