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Best Android Phone Cloning Apps?

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Zacs-Master | 13:26 Tue 12th Jul 2022 | Technology
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I'm about to get a new mobile and obviously want to transfer all the data / apps to my new one. What recommendations do people have?


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Will your new phone be the same make as your current one?
Question Author
No, old one is Huawei new one Oppo.
Smart Switch
Android to Android shouldn't be a problem.

The only issue may be where data is stored locally by the app. But all phones would suffer from that.
You shouldn't need any app.

TomsGuide is a wholly trustworthy source of information:
If you have a Google account and have enabled automatic backups and sync, you don't need any fancy software. When you log into Google on your new phone and elect to sync, all your apps and data will automatically appear on your new phone over the course of the next few hours.
It's really straightforward, install Smart Switch on both phones and they will transfer everything between them. The new phone should prompt you to do this during set up anyway.
The reviews for Smart Switch suggest that it doesn't work for many people:;gl=US
Question Author
Thanks for all the replies. I've heard that Google Drive can only cope with about 15GB of data. I have about 65GB on my phone.

Chris - will the link in Tom's Guide transfer the Apps as well?
This will make sure that your apps are transferred, ZM:
// I have about 65GB on my phone.//
Pure data or Apps and data?
Apps don't count as they are not backed up, but will be automatically downloaded from Google Play.
If it's data, you can upgrade your Google storage to 100GB for 1.99 per month. And, of course, this means you photos, music, documents etc. are available on any device you own. It's also good insurance in case you lose or break you phone.
Question Author
Thanks again.

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Best Android Phone Cloning Apps?

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