How To Retrieve Deleted Photos From Cloud

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Karamia | 19:07 Sat 14th May 2022 | Technology
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A friend's son has deleted all her photos from the icloud. (About 10 years worth!!) She is understandably distraught. Is there any way she can retrieve them?


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If he just pressed the Delete button accidentally, the deleted files can be fairly easily retrieved. However, if he deleted them permanently and deliberately, they're gone, I'm afraid.
Go to Albums and look for Recently Deleted

Go into it and if they are there, RESTORE ALL
Go to Albums
Scroll down and you should see Recently Deleted there. All deleted photos are held there for about a month before being deleted permanently.
Worse case, try contacting whoever owns the server they were on. They may have backups, but I've no idea how receptive they'd be to requests.

(Best not to rely on the "cloud" and have valued things in two or more places anyway.)
Old Geez has it - back up to USB regularly

I dont use I cloud as I dont want MI5 or CIA viewing my piccies
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Thank you all for the suggestions. I will pass on and fingers crossed she gets them back.
as far as i know you have to tick a box after pressing delete saying "are you sure you want to permanently delete these files" this is to make sure you don't accidently delete any files
Yes, Correct.
If the photos has been deleted accidentally and not permanently (and intentionally), then those deleted pictures would be available in the "Recently Deleted" tab.

Simply open the iCloud Drive or visit, then tap on "Recently Deleted". Now, if you want to recover all, then tap on "Recover All" or if you want to restore selected photos, then select the photos that you want to recover and tap on "Recover".
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How To Retrieve Deleted Photos From Cloud

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