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tiggerblue10 | 17:24 Sat 12th Mar 2022 | Technology
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I'm up to 63.8gb on my galaxy tab s6 lite and would like to get extra storage. I checked what is compatible and came up with a Samsung micro sd card 128gb. What can I move onto an sd card? I've got quite a few apps but when I got an sd card for sons old tab he couldn't move apps onto it. Just wondered if I would have the same problem.


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You can store photos, videos, documents, emails, music and some apps on an SD card
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I don't have many photos and videos on my tab. Mostly apps but how would I establish which apps can be moved onto a card?
Have you got an SD card you could put in and try each app? Samsung has got rid of the feature that allows you to store all apps on the SD card although I don't know why - some android devices can set the SD card to be treated as internal storage so apps can be stored on the SD card without problem but not Samsung
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I've got an old one somewhere but where it is, is another matter. Really frustrating that you can't move apps.

I've uninstalled a few apps that I no longer use but do they stay hidden in the background impacting on storage space?
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Do those store apps, BB?
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That's really useful to know, Radagast. I guess the only way to find out is to try it out on a card as Barry has suggested. Only problem is I'll need to buy a micro one as I think the one I have which I can't find isn't micro.

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I figured out what was using up so much storage.......YouTube downloads. I didn't realise they would take up storage as I just thought they would saved on my YouTube account. Anyway, I've now deleted loads and have reduced it to 56gb.

If I was to get a micro sd card would I be able to download YouTube vids onto it or would I have the same problem as apps?
No problem storing YouTube vids on the SD card. Glad you found the problem

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Extra Storage On Device

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