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Sending An Email To France

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racoony | 12:37 Tue 01st Feb 2022 | Technology
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I need to send an email in French.I don't know how to apply the accents.I am using a Dell laptop which is at least 10 years old.Any help is much appreciated.I asked this question yesterday. sadly the advice given was of no use.


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Alt+0233 (é)
Alt+0224 (à)
Alt+0232 (è)
Alt+0249 (ù)
Alt+0226 (â)
Alt+0234 (ê)
Alt+0238 (î)
Alt+0244 (ô)
Question Author
Many thanks for your help.Have just tried out your answer, sadly it does not work on my machine.Thanks anyway.
Acute accents can be achieved by holding down the 'Alt Gr' key and pressing a vowel key: áéíóú
Could you cut and paste words from Google translate?
......or write it in a word processing program (eg MS Word, or OpenOffice) and use the Insert/Symbol function to add the accented vowels, and paste into the email?
GG's link works for me - enter the numbers on your numeric keypad.
In Windows, installing the 'United Kingdom Extended' keyboard provides shortcuts for generating foreign accents and other diacritical marks: à ê ï ç ñ
Question Author
Many thanks to Etch for help with acute accents.Have tried it and it works! Any ideas about other accents? Will try other ideas later.Thanks all for now.
Try changing your keyboard to French, Remember how you did it so you can change it back
Another thing you can try - type it in English then copy it and translate it to French.
To install the 'United Kingdom Extended' keyboard:
Control Panel > Region and Language > 'Keyboards and Languages' tab > click 'Change keyboards...'
In the 'Text Services and Input Languages' window, click 'Add...'
In the 'Add Input Language' window scroll down to 'English (United Kingdom). 'United Kingdom' should already be ticked, and under that should be 'United Kingdom Extended'. Tick this, click 'OK'.
Now back at the 'Text Services and Input Languages' window select 'English (United Kingdom) - United Kingdom Extended' as the 'Default input language', click 'OK'.
Now back at the 'Region and Language' window, click 'OK'

The above is for Windows 7, but Windows 10 should be similar
Type the body of your email out using Microsoft Word, using the shortcuts listed here:

Then copy and paste it into your email. (Those shortcuts might work in other word processing programs too, although I've not tried them).
Once the 'United Kingdom Extended' keyboard is installed (may need a restart) grave accents are generated by typing '`' (top left of the keyboard, also marked with '¬' and '|') followed by a letter: à è ì ò ù.
Circumflex accents are 'Alt Gr'+6 followed by a letter: â ê î ô û. (Fairly intuitive, the '^' character is above '6')
'ç' is 'Alt Gr'+c
This is a good explanation of the United Kingdom Extended keyboard:

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Sending An Email To France

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