Whatsapp Contacts Names Arent Showing Up

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joko | 00:55 Fri 21st Jan 2022 | Technology
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on my whatsapp, it used to show all the conversation with the persons name at the top, but now for some reason there are no names just there phone numbers, but theyre all showing with the +44 for UK at the start.
all these numbers are in my contacts with their names & written with the full number starting with 07.

im guessing this is why the name are not showing up, ((?)) which is odd, but how can i change it?
I'm sure they used to show up. im assuming it happened when i got my new phone & reinstalled it, & its a setting somewhere.

there have been a couple of moments when i've thought it was someone else & nearly sent an inappropriate reply to someone!

thanks :)


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sorted buen, thanks

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Whatsapp Contacts Names Arent Showing Up

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