Passenger Locator Forms - Can Anyone Help And Elderly Traveller? Thanks

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moggie 939 | 11:12 Sat 06th Nov 2021 | Technology
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We are travelling to Madeira in January for our first holiday since Covid began and Jet2 says we have to complete a PLF 48 hours before we return to UK but I am still puzzled. We do not have smartphones but I have a laptop here in UK to download things. Can any one assist in simple terms please?
1. Do I have to submit separate forms for myself and my wife?
2. I have seen these forms Gov website - can I put in all the information there for both of us before we leave for Madeira?
3. Will downloaded hard copies be accepted for flight back to UK?
4. Have found a company who will send me two LF tests with the reference numbers for the PLF (£20) before we travel so that info will be available for the PLF.
5. Have tried starting the form on GovUK and got so far and received an email to complete? but how long will these remain and if I download now will it be valid?
Finally - will I be asked for them when we fly out or only on return?
I am really puzzled and Jet2 are not answering my emails.
Thanks everyone



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Sounds like it's better to create an account then if it's to be filled in the now.
12:54 Sat 06th Nov 2021
They have to be completed no more than 48 hours before your return to the UK:

Here are the rules for entry into Madeira, which comes under Portugal:
Yes you need 2 forms each- one PLF form each for returning to UK plus 1 each of whatever Madiera want's. You'll also be asked for proof of your covid jab's. Its going to be a bit difficult but not impossable without a smart phone. Youll need you laptop and access to a printer in Madiera to print off your PLFs if you have no iphone or ipad's with them on
We were asked to show them on return at Gran Canaria airport.
Flew into Birmingham ...they didn't ask for them...just showed our passport
You don't need any tests to get into Portugal.
Tests needed on day 2 of your return ..lateral flow tests...the ones you mention seem a good price.
1. Yes, separate forms for each adult.
2. & 5. Yes, you can prepare the forms before leaving UK, but they can only be submitted, and printed off, less than 48 hours before arriving back in UK.
3. Yes, printed copies are acceptable, in fact by all accounts they are preferred.
4. Not sure if the test reference numbers can be entered this early, but even so I don't think the form can be completed/submitted online more than 48 hours before arrival in the UK.
Finally - the UK PLF is for return to the UK and its availability (along with other necessary paperwork) will be checked before boarding in Madeira.
Yes the PLFs you need to come back youll be asked for at the aerport your flying back from - there may be a representative there checking everyones papers before they can board the flight. They dont wait until you land in UK as its a bit late then if someone hasnt filled it in or booked there tests
It states, "Throughout your form, you can select the option to 'Return to this form later' in order to re-send the link to your latest saved form."

It also states, "If you create an account, the information you’ve saved will be kept for up to 6 months from the date you last signed in. Your account and all the information stored in it will then be deleted."

If you create an account, you can complete the PLF 48 as far as you can, choose the, "Return to this form later" option to add more info as required and submit it within the forty-eight hours before arriving in the UK.
^ As far as I know, you don`t have to create an account to return to the form later. Yes, you need to put in an email address and password but creating an account just infills your address and passport details to save doing that if you are going to travel several times in the next 6 months.
I think you will have to get the hotel, or holiday rep to complete and submit the forms for you. It has to be submitted on line, but it looks like you might have to show it at check in, so you might need to have a printout to prove you have done it.
247SJ, it does mention, "Your information will be kept for 42 days then deleted, unless it’s needed for related work."

It's not clear to me whether that's any information or only after the form has been submitted.
^ Probably after the form has been submitted. You can fill in the form as far as UK time and date of arrival and go no further because it is outside of the 48 hours. You can save the form at that stage but go no further. You are then sent an email with a link to continue but if you don't revisit the form within 7 days it's deleted and you have to start again.
Sounds like it's better to create an account then if it's to be filled in the now.
I would give your hotel a call and ask them if they would permit you complete on one of their computers. Fill it all in before you leave, then all you will have to do is log in fill in any gaps and print.
Alternatively, is there an internet cafe near where you are staying? you could then complete there.
We had to show ours leaving Cyprus but not on returning to UK. I think they must link it to the passport as most people use the automatic gates on return.
Question Author
Thanks Corbyloon, Etch and everyone - you have been most helpful. Have tried these options and it seems that an 'account' does save everything up to a point when it needs to be completed which will save time entering lots of details again!
I did not know about a form for entering Madeira - perhaps Jet2 would be telling me nearer the time!
Maybe by mid Jan when I travel it will not be ncessary!
Thanks again
Yes, nothing is checked on arrival into the UK. This is because our government has put the duty to check correct documentation onto the carrier. It's not clear to me how Jet2 would check this, for a form which is submitted online. Perhaps they will tell you.
Question Author
Thanks everyone - just one final question I hope you can answer.
I have sorted the Covid details to show at booking in at airport outbound as I have no smart phone I can get the QR code from GovUK and beneath it is the option to either download or have a copy emailed to me to show.
However ....I am downloading the Madeira health forms which are giving me a QR code for myself and my wife. There is nothing under the code for me to download them as I have to show these also outbound from UK.
So - and I know little about technology - is there some way I can 'open' the QR code and download the contents? Sorry to be obtuse
You should not need the QR codes: they are only a way for machines to quickly read information. Hard paper copies should always be enough.
For example, the QR code on an NHS vaccination certificate is a shorthand way for machines that can read such things to capture all your details. For example to admit you to a pub or a cafe etc.
You can also use them when filling in the passenger locator form to send your vaccination certificate details. But if you don't have any means of accessing one (eg via a phone camera) or if it is out of date, then the paper certificate is used and checked instead on departure/arrival.
Question Author
Thanks for that - as I said that is ok for vacc cetificates but my Madeira entry papers have only sent me a QR code without means of making a copy!
I don't fully understand

Do you just have a code and nothing else?

Otherwise you'd print the forms and the code with it, which could be used by someone else with a QR scanner
Question Author
Yes - on the Madeira Safe Locator Form once you haver put in everything like fligth details and basic health details and where staying in Madeira and save all this all you get is a QR code which when I open it has nothing else on it (unlike the GovUK PLF for return to UK which gives options to print)
I will need something to show when booking in to fly out of UK.
So the question is - how do I print out the sheet with just the QR code on it as that is all I need to board the flight along with our Covid proofs whci I will have hard copies of.
You'll need a printer to print it off.
Then the QR code will be scanned by someone else, presumably.
That is what it is for

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Passenger Locator Forms - Can Anyone Help And Elderly Traveller? Thanks

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