Strong Srt 6006 Freesat Box, Distorted Audio.

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flobadob | 16:13 Fri 05th Nov 2021 | Technology
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I've got a Strong SRT 6006 Freesat box, we've got a decent picture but the audio is very distorted on every channel.

I connected it using the Sky + TV satellite cable, as we no longer have Sky.

Does anyone know what could be causing the distortion on the audio? I've tried a few different scart leads and also the Red/White/Yellow cable connection but with the same results.

Perhaps there's a certain satellite that I should be connecting to on installation or something I'm doing wrong on set up.

This is a box that someone have me a few years ago and I've only tried to set up recently.

Any tips most welcome.


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Have you tried watching Freeview or attaching a different external device (such as a DVD player) to your telly? The audio fault might be with your TV set, rather than with the satbox.

You still get the free sat channels on your tv supposing you cancel your sky. Same as using freesat box.
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@buen yeah the TV is working fine with everything else, just the box audio is distorted

@giggs I'm hoping to set it up to be able to record, at function is gone when you don't pay for sky

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Strong Srt 6006 Freesat Box, Distorted Audio.

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