Buffering Circle Of Death On You Tube

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nailit | 19:04 Sat 12th Jun 2021 | Technology
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For some time ive had the buffering circle while trying to view YouTube vids.
Researched everything & tried everything and then tonight, was watching an hour long vid which was going fine until I decided to turn on my blue tooth, wireless, speaker and it buffered again. Switched it off and the vid became 'smooth' again.

Is there a 'thing' with blue tooth speakers that cause buffering issues with vids?

(Maybe something to do with bandwidth? Im not a techi...)


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Buffering is frequently associated with insufficient bandwidth (i.e. a poor download speed) but turning on your Bluetooth speakers shouldn't affect that. (You still use the same amount of data to get the video to your computer, irrespective of whether you're then forwarding the audio to a Bluetooth device or not).

However buffering can also be associated with insufficient resources on your computer. Using Bluetooth can create extra demands upon your computer's processor, meaning that it's left with insufficient resources to be able to display the video properly. That's most likely to happen when something else is already hogging your computer's CPU (and/or its memory), such as anti-virus software that's got stuck in a loop.

A look at your Task Manager (which can be accessed by pressing Ctrl, Shift and Esc all at the same time) can sometimes provide some clues as to what might be using lots of your computer's resources but it's not always easy to find out what's wrong or, if you can, to work out how to fix it. You might just have to live with the problem and either use the sound direct from your computer or use wired speakers instead of Bluetooth ones.
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Thank you Chris & TheChair.
Will have a look at the link now.
Some good advice here to stop bluetooth / wifi interference (if indeed it is that)
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Thank you Chelle,
will check it out.

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Buffering Circle Of Death On You Tube

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