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Prudie | 12:32 Mon 10th May 2021 | Technology
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Until recently I could listen to the radio, mainly on a tablet, straight off the web but now I can't without registering with global player. Normally I wouldn't mind creating an account but why does it need dob, full name and postcode? That puts me off. Is there an alternative method, it's Classic FM I want.


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Hi Prudie, have you an Alexa?
Just put the Classic FM app on the tablet, Pruders.

You could try Radio Garden:
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No bobbi, bit dinosarish or maybe security savvy but I won't give houseroom to any of those listening in devices ;-)
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The app still asks me to sign in via globalplayer though?
Most of Alexas radio goes through Global Player but Amazon have my information anyway
Sorry Prudie. I forgot that Global actually owns Classic FM.
I think you're stuck with it.
I have it on my tablet. Once you've entered all the "marketing" nonsense, DOB etc, it just leaves me alone then.
I have a internet ambled radio. No problem with personal details
Global is the company that owns Classic FM, along with about half of the commercial stations in the country like Heart FM.

Don't worry about signing up to their player. You can always unsubscribe if they start emailing you.
There should be no problem with signing up to Global Player, as it's owned and operated by Global Media Entertainment, who own Classic FM (as well as the Capital group of stations, LBC, Radio X, Gold, Heart and Smooth).

However if you don't want to, simply access Classic FM via the link on its website and, when prompted to sign into Global Player, click on 'Maybe later'.
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Both the app and the link 'listen on the internet' take me to globalplayer and it's sign in or nothing. There is no option to maybe later. I've tried lots of times.
I use this website, it is brilliant.

There is also an app version for Apple/Android tablets.
Register as Ben Dover, 23 May 1956, Sittingborne.

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Listening To Radio On Internet

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