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stuart_mb | 09:20 Thu 22nd Apr 2021 | Technology
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How can I turn off adblocker to use theanswerbank when I cannot find it to turn off. On my OPPO A72 I cannot find it in in settings menu


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Have you actually installed an Ad Blocker?
How are you posting on here if you can.t disable your adblocker?

Ad blockers are Apps -have you actually downloaded an Ad blocker onto your phone as they are not factory installed .?
mine is on the top right hand side of the screen. ABP, not sure about yours.
Some browsers have an adblocker built in - what browser are you using?
Instead of settings try looking under Tools, extensions. Thats if you have added an adblock extension.
-- answer removed --
I turned mine off, and it still said I had one going.
to add....using a different browser to type this post, and the one above.

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Turn Off Adblocker

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