Recording Phone Calls

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hpirwany | 09:09 Thu 14th Jan 2021 | Technology
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How can I record a phone call received on landline phone and iPhone please?


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Isn’t it illegal to record someone without their knowledge.
^^^ While the Telecommunications Regulations 2000 place restrictions upon businesses recording telephone conversations, private individuals are free to do so as long as the recordings are for their own use and not distributed to others. (There is no requirement to advise the other party to the call that the call is being recorded).

Search Amazon, eBay, etc for 'call recorder' to find suitable landline devices, such as this one: User Recommendation
Bob...think about it. They record us and are able to track us. That's why criminals get burner phones.

I remember the first CCTV cameras being installed where I live.
ummmm, they do have to tell you, though.
No they don't. It just might not be admissible in court.

How would you know I'm recording you? It might not be admissible but it gives a lawyer an idea of what they're dealing with.

Only one party has to know they are recording.
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Thank you everyone
You can record any phone call easily. Nowadays there are various apps available that can help you in call recording. Following are some of the apps:
1. Boldbeast Call Recorder.
2. Call Recorder Automatic.

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Recording Phone Calls

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