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malagabob | 19:11 Mon 02nd Nov 2020 | Technology
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My network name now has “weak security “ added Apple iPhone
Tapping on it it suggests configuring my router to WPA2 AES or WPA3 security type. Is it worth doing. How do I do it. Just updated to the new iOS update. Thanks.


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>>> How do I do it

It's fairly straightforward. It simply requires you to log into your router's control panel and proceed from there.

Make and model of your router, please?
Question Author
Hi Chris. It’s a vodaphoneconnect34393718.
I only noticed this on my iPhone since downloading the update.
Not my Apple iPad. Which couldn’t download the update ios14 as it wanted 2.5 g space, which the iPad didn’t have.
Download the Vodafone Broadband app to the ipad.

Click on main wifi then advance settings. You'll see what security setting you are using.
Open your web browser.

Type into the address bar and hit 'Enter'.

Enter the password for your router (which, unless you've changed it, is probably 'admin', as that's the default) and click 'Log In'.

Select the 'Wi-Fi' tab and then 'General'.

Check the setting for 'Protection Mode' and change it if required.

Click 'Apply'.

Question Author
I’ve typed in the 192 etc , took me to a page to enter current password and a new one twice. The box I typed the current password into turns red. So it’s telling me I’ve typed the wrong password. Retyped all the steps. Same result.
Checked password by clicking ‘ forget this network “
re typed current password got internet connection so password OK. Any ideas.
Are you sure that you're entering the ROUTER password? It's NOT the same as your wi-fi password! (As Vodafone send routers out to users, it's simply 'admin').
Question Author
Tried entering admin as password and entering new password as requested, box still turns red?
I'm confused!

You seem to be seeing this screen
which is
(a) one which you should only see after you've already successfully logged in ; and
(b) is in the wrong section anyway. (It's under the 'Router' tab, rather than the 'Wi-Fi' tab, which is where you need to be).

The login screen you should initially see is this one
which has only got just one field to be completed.
Question Author
I’m seeing the screen in your first link The one with boxes for current password and new password and confirm new password. As you say I’m already logged in.
Question Author
Thanks for your help Chris. A small error on my part. All sorted now. Thanks again.

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Network Name Weak Security

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