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Daij | 23:21 Mon 02nd Nov 2020 | Technology
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I was using my email as usual earlier on this evening. At about 11pm I went to check my emails and tried to sign in and got the message; 'Sorry, we don't recognise this email address' several times. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it a site fault or something I've done? If it's me, can anyone suggest what I can do to rectify?

Thanks in advance


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Try an email address from here:

You can set it up to collect your Btinternet emails
A web search shows no current problems with BT's email service. Assuming that you're trying to access your mail via a web browser (rather than via a dedicated standalone email client), try clearing the browser's cache and/or using a different browser.

(If you need instructions for clearing the cache, please tell us which browser you're using).
PS: I've assumed that you've not simply got your keyboard caps lock on!
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Buenchico - no, everything is as usual
I have no idea what's wrong, but in such circumstances it is us
... usually worth switching your computer off and on again.
So have you cleared the cache (or simply tried a different browser)?
working OK

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Btinternet Email

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