Safari Cannot Open The Page Because The Server Cannot Be Found

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TAFFWILLIAMS | 18:56 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Technology
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I keep on getting the above message when using my IPad.

I have Googled and tried different suggested solutions but problem still not sorted.

Obviously something gone wrong with my Settings but what?

Any suggestions,




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What website are you trying? Is it all sites or just one?
Question Author
Quite a few - some when I try to go direct into, others when I click on a connection with an E-Mail.
You shouldn’t really click on links in emails as a matter of good practice. If there is a link, you should copy it, and paste it into Safari. And then return.

There could be many explanations. Location, security settings, malware settings which might be on by default.
It may be a setting within the website. (eg. I can't access my works' payroll site from home - has to be from within works internet connection - I get the same message you are experiencing)

Have you tried the option to "request desktop site" - some websites have versions for tablets etc. This forces it to load the desktop version.

Also try a different browser.
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There were websites I was using regularly until a few days ago but I can no longer access.
How old is your iPad? I had to replace mine because of problems with websites due to it’s built in obsolescence, so I couldn’t upgrade Safari.
I have an iPad using the latest version of iOS.

Copy and past a link (that won’t open for you), and we might be able to workout why.
Sorry for butting in, TAFF.

Sunk - copy and pasting a link in an email and then opening it is just as bad as clicking on the link in the email. Don't do it!

Instead, manually search for the company in a new tab in the browser or use your bookmark
Safari/Preferences/Advanced - enable the Develop menu, then go there and Empty Caches. Quit/reopen Safari and test
Go to Settings/2 factor authentication & follow numbers beside. Its usually to update icloud/itunes/appleId. If passwords corrupt your connections are cancelled.

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Safari Cannot Open The Page Because The Server Cannot Be Found

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