How To Switch Off Audio Description On Samsung Ue40K6400U?

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ladybirder | 00:30 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | Technology
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Please! It's driving me crazy.

This is what I am doing.
Audio Description - It is On and when I press On (to change it to Off) all I get are the words Volume 100. I can't even turn the volume to 0.

Help. I'm going to bed shortly but I shall look in the morning. Thank you.


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if its the tv, i can't help, apologies, i ended up with same problem
and found the only way to cure the problem was to phone the supplier pc world. who talked me through the process, if this isn't what you are talking about then as i said, sorry. hope you get it sorted soon
good night.
Is it on every channel all the time? Some programmes are broadcast with AD in the early hours of the morning and you can't turn it off. If it is your TV settings, have a look at your remote buttons. Is there a dedicated AD button that you pressed by mistake? If not, try menu - sound - broadcast language. If it is English AD change it to English
the only way i got to stop the problem was to take the tv back to the factory settings, because the curry's guy could only advise me to do that, and it did resolve the problem
E manual :

Audio Description
Settings System Accessibility Audio Description Try Now
You can use the Audio Stream for the Audio Description (AD) which is sent along with the Main audio from
the broadcaster. Adjust the audio description volume using Volume.
" This function is only available on digital channels.
● Audio Description
Turns the audio description function on or off.
● Volume
Adjusts the audio description volume.
can I give a typical true 100% AB answer?

oh I find it quite helpful if you are partially sighted !

( and then can we swap tellies?) esp wiv dose forrin progs no one on AB can abide ...forrin dey are
blimey well done
can you do anything about the Korean subtitles I get on You tube at random
yo cant toggle them off like you can wivda English ones
Maybe they're recorded, part of the video ?
Do you watch TV using a box? Sky or BT.
If so, you can control subtitles/audio description settings with the remote for this.
OG has a point - if you're watching via a Sky/Virgin/PVR box the setting Audio Description option might be on there AS WELL as on the TV. Some devices require you to go through the menu settings to change it, others have a button on the remote that you can press accidentally.
It may vary with different manufacturers, with a Panasonic.
press Menu (on remote) then using directional arrows & the OK button go to 'Sound' or 'Sound Mode' - 'Broadcast Option' - 'Audio language' & select 'English' not 'English AD'
Most TV remotes have < & > keys on them; can you not use those to change the audio description from on to off?
LB are you watching by Sky/virgin, if so the audio description could be coming from there not the TV. The way to tell is to switch the source/input to DTV and if it still does it then it's the TV, I strongly suspect it's sky/virgin if it's sky press ? then you sill have the subtitles and audio options, turn off there.
Question Author
Morning all you ABers, thank you. No I don't have any boxes or Sky or anything other than the above Freeview TV. I am actually getting to Audio Description but it won't turn off. It spoilt The Sister last night telling me every time Nathan blinked! I am with TalkTalk if that helps. Thanks for the User Manual OG, I can't find mine. Barry, No to all your questions. Em, that will be my final option.
I've just tried ch1/2 and 3, no AD but Fraser on ch4 it's on. I don't have the original remote, I have a One for All from Richer Sounds. This problem is the dog's fault for sitting on the remote:-)
sounds like you are close to putting your boot through it! yep I get it it's for the blind but why is it the kin default? Anyway LB it may be a freeview setting, see here:
The remote could well explain the problem. Did AD start when you started using it?
TTT, I'm at a loss as to how switching AD to Italian will turn it off
From your OP - instead of pressing 'on' or the 'okay' button, try pressing the right arrow.
Question Author
I'd already tried the right arrow Barry thank you and that didn't work. I was also having trouble changing Italian 3T so I gave up and range Samsung. It took 20 mins and the chap took over my TV and I could see him doing exactly the same thing as I had done, 3 times, and it still didn't work. He did it in the end and its OK now. Keeping my fingers crossed and thanks for all your help.
That is such an annoying feature. I'll have to watch The Sister again now as I spent most of the episode fiddling with the Remote. All's Well that End's Well:-)
Scary to know they can take over your tv. Glad you are sorted. This is something that should be easy to do.

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