Problem With Samsung A40 Battery Charge

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smurfchops | 10:35 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Technology
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When I turn on my mobile the right hand corner always says 100%charge. You can sort of see another number underneath unless I press the face of the phone then it is a clear 100%. However when I log in it tells me the true charge which isn’t always 100%. Hope you understand my description! I have switched the phone off and on again but still have this weird problem. Thanks all.


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What does it tell you ? Putting load on can reduce the voltage reading immediately.

You may have a failing battery. Of course these days you aren't able to simply open up to get at it. (I wonder what the real reasons for that might be.)
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It’s quite a new phone, not quite two years old ... l can live with it, but it’s odd ....

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Problem With Samsung A40 Battery Charge

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