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smurfchops | 10:40 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Technology
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I have updated the Notes app on my Samsung A40 mobile (The orange logo) and wish I hadn’t. Before I could just change my note and press Save. Now I change my note, press three dots on right, press Save as File, press Samsung Notes file, then press Save. What a palaver. But it doesn’t delete my previous notes, even when it says the old Notes are in the Recycle Bin, they are still in the list and I now have loads of old Notes I can’t get rid of. Help !! Sorry I am not very technical, maybe I am saving wrongly, can’t describe any better than that ......


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And where is the recycle bin??
On my desktop (Mac) you have to click on the Note, then click on the three dots, the click on Move to Trash. Any use?
Hadn't realised mobiles had recycle bins.

Maybe they've put out a bugged new version. Had that with a browser recently. Complained. Took around a week for a corrected version to come out.
My Notes app isn't orange, so not sure it works the same way, but mine autosaves notes, if i press back or closer the app, it is there when I open it. My recycle bin is in the menu on the left - 3 lines
Just checked on my mobile. Quite right, there is a recycle bin where deleted notes stay for a short while, where chelle describes.
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All my old notes that l want to delete are in Internal Storage ... how do I delete these please?? Thanks all
I don't know where internal storage represents.

I seem to recall with the last update one needed to also download some enhancement to it in order to access existing notes. (Darned cheek I thought, upversioning it to a level where it didn't already have that functionality in order to remain compatible). I had a pop-up message saying so. Maybe that's your issue. Try checking at the Samsung store ?

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Updated Notes Problem

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