Predictive Text Problem In Chrome - Cannot Remove. Help Please!

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moggie 939 | 12:12 Tue 13th Oct 2020 | Technology
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I recently down loaded Google Chrome as my default browser and it is great but.....the predictive text when I search is drivng me mad!

Have gone online and everyone tells me the same solution which is go to 3 vertical dots r/h top of page then down to settings then click on advanced and there should be a line called privacy but when I click on privacy nothing there. It says to click on it and there will be a dropdown line predictive text with option to remove. I have seen this on help video but...there is nothing like that on my Chrome!

Am I missing something? I presume I am using Google Chome because when I downloaded it, and it is showing in control panel, all my icons changed on my old favourites now come up as the Chrome coloured circle as does my YouTube icon on my desktop.

When I open the browser there is a search box in the middle of the screen which says GOOGLE
search google or URL. Am I using Chrome? Please help me get rid of these predictive texts as I never had them on Bing.

Thanks everyone



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Nothing like that in my Chrome either and 'search settings' doesn't find it
Go to the 3 dots, select settings. In the top middle of the page there is a You and Google' box. At the top of the box is 'Sync and google services'. Click that.
On the page that opens under 'Google services' disable the option 'Auto complete searches and URLS'
chelle, no You and Google when I select settings on my Chrome.
Seriously very good query i will love to know the right answer please tell me if your find one.
Chelle's answer worked for me
Works for me too as my Google Account is synced.
When I click on settings it opens a page with'Bookmarks & settings' at top middle.
Do you have a Google Account Danny?
No. Lynne, Ah! probably that is why mine is different.
Ok after a bit of googling it seems that Google may have removed the option to disable this in Chrome unless you have a synced Google account.

Strange, because I have never seen any predictive text in operation on my Google Chrome. I disabled Spellcheck so could that be the reason?
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Tried what you said and found everything you said but made no difference! Incidentally my google sync is ON
The predicted text is still there!
What you're seeing is a function of the Google search engine, not of the Chrome web browser. (i.e. you'll see it whenever you search with Google, even if you use a different browser). Chrome automatically brings up Google as the default search engine because Chrome is a Google product. Edge, on the other hand, automatically defaults to using Bing because they're both from Microsoft.

If you want to see Bing when you open Chrome (instead of Google), do the following:

1. Open Chrome.

2. Enter '' in the address bar (at the top of the page, not in the search box) and hit 'Enter'.

3. Click the three dots (at the top right) and select 'Settings'.

4. Click 'On start-up'.

5. Select 'Open a specific page or set of pages'

6. Click on 'Use current pages'

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Hello Buenchico - I did not realise that - thought Chrome was Chrome and had to open in Google!
Did what you said and it opens in Bing but still shows predictive text! Are you saying I can stop predictive text in Bing more easily than in Chrome as it is annoying me
Thank you
Do you get predictive text in other programmes. I turned off predictive text in settings as it was a nightmare when I was ordering from a Portuguese web site. No more problems
It's very easy to turn the predictive text off.
Go to the advanced chrome settings and then click on the Privacy section. Now, you need to deselect the prediction service option" checkbox.

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Predictive Text Problem In Chrome - Cannot Remove. Help Please!

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