My House Phone Is Not Working And Disconnecting My Wifi With Sky Talk

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Galaxy1965 | 09:42 Wed 14th Oct 2020 | Technology
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My house phone does not seem to be working. I went to make a call and there is no dial tone or sound then after a second I get the hang up tone and loose my wifi. I rang my house phone from my mobile and I can hear the house phone ringing on my mobile but it is not ringing in the house. I am with Sky Talk and my house phone is meant to work through my broadband. Tried Sky but can't get through, sent a email but still waiting for a reply. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and has any ideas on how to fix this. Thanks in advance.


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Has someone turned the volume on the hand set down?
It sounds like a problem with your line which will have to be reported through Sky. Things to try are a different handset, if you have one. You appear not to have fibre broadband as that seems to be affected as well. We had a similar problem last week but, having fibre broadband, the internet and router were unafected. The problem was fixed without needing access to the house.

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My House Phone Is Not Working And Disconnecting My Wifi With Sky Talk

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