Help Recovering Old Deleted Whatsapp Voice Notes For A Court Case

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SarahHarris1 | 22:08 Fri 21st Aug 2020 | Technology
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Hi everyone, i need some help. I have a upcoming court case against a dangerous stalker thats been bothering me for 2 years now. I wanted to compile evidence today but noticed that he somehow deleted all the incriminating and threatening voice notes he sent me on whatsapp over time. The most important voice notes that have been deleted is from August 2019.

Ive never deleted any of the correspondence between us. So i went on whatsapp web as i noticed it can restore voice notes further back than on whatsapp app on phone itself. But noticed that the only files that are missing are the ones where he says incriminating things or threatened me, like how he is going to ruin me at work and how he is going to violently rape me. It gives me a error saying its no longer in my storage or something like that. But yet all the other voice notes before and after those still restore and play. Which i find very weird. The voice notes were still there last year December which means he must have deleted them since when he heard we going to court.

Thus im suspecting he found a way to selectively delete them somehow with a 3rd party app. Is there a way that i can restore ALL messages and voice notes (plus the ones he deleted somehow from his side) from whatsapp back on my phone or computer. Without having to restore or uninstall app. There are new things that i received that i need to keep too. Not only new stuff from him but work stuff i need to keep too. And when i read up on it, it sounds like everything after that update in August 2019 will be deleted if i restore and uninstall and then reinstall whatsapp. Im not sure if i ever backed up my messages as i didnt know it would go away or be altered if i didnt delete the chat. I have also recently got a new phone but i think most of my things copied over with Smart switch & Samsung kies programs.

This is rather urgent and a very serious matter. This person is very unstable and dangerous and at the point where he openly stalks and threatens me now without worry of police or anyone seeing him. The situation has become very dangerous and i need these voice notes to show the court who he is and what he is doing and saying to me. He has been in a mental institution for a while before as well. So i dont know how far he will go and what his mindset will be at any time. He intimidates and harasses me every opportunity he gets, its very scary.

Anyone that could possibly please try and assist me so i can get the proof i need against this man so that the court and police can finally put a stop to this man stalking and harassing me. Im tired of living in fear and tears daily.


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Peter, you may have misread Sarah's request - she needs to recover voice notes not delete anything.

I am no help I'm afraid.
What is the charge in the court case? On what evidence is is based? Presumably the Police already had sufficient evidence to take it forward for prosecution.

I appreciate that any extra evidence you can get might be useful and suggest you hand your phone over to their experts to investigate.
Agree with chinajan. If the police will take it and feel the need their tech bods can extract all sorts of deleted stuff. Not sure about whatsapp but its worth trying.
oh surprise everyone:

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

came up when I googled
undelete whatsapp messages iphone

they have gone somewhere and you can get at them if you plug it into a computer apparently
Mamyalynne- I think PP at 22:18 Friday was simply confirming that is possible for someone (in this case the stalker) to delete a message they send.
Whatsapp, like all social media apps, will have their own legal department for issues like this and other legal matters. If your legal representative has not contacted them, then I suggest you find a better legal representative.
Thank you FF.

Apologies Peter.

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Help Recovering Old Deleted Whatsapp Voice Notes For A Court Case

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