How To Store Music On A Different Internal H Drive, But Access It Through The Music Library??

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joko | 04:40 Sun 09th Aug 2020 | Technology
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I have 2 hard drives - c drive contains OS but its only 300gb, so i want to store my music on my other drive the D drive.
But - i want the music to be visible in the C drive music library

how can i do this?

i know i can add shortcuts in the libraries - ive done it before (cant remember how now though)

but how can do it so that I have the music in the music artist library, but actually on the D drive?

thanks :)


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You've not told us which media player you're using. It can make a big difference!

If it's Windows Media Player, see this video:
If you're using something else, such as VLC (which is by far the best all-purpose media player) or MusicBee (which is the best audio player there is), please let us know!
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sorry! i use groove, because its the one that comes with the machine, and ive found it works fine

i have VLC, but use it for film, as it doesnt really have a media library thing like groove, same with media player which i also use for film

ill check out music bee though

i know i can link any folder to groove - but i wanted to access the actual files themselves, like any other pc file - but the music library automatically lists them in their artists, album names etc - whereas ordinary folders dont

or can i set any ordinary folder to act as a music library?

im now considering, putting the music back on the C drive and moving everything else, and creating a partition from the unused C drive space, after the OS and programs

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How To Store Music On A Different Internal H Drive, But Access It Through The Music Library??

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