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Hazlinny | 11:47 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | Technology
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Being a silver-surfer, i am afraid I am not very savvy about internet other than sending e-mails!
I have been asked to scan a photograph from a magazine and send it to a site on Internet - no idea how to do this! Can someone advise. I have Lenovo tablet and Epson printer. Thanks.


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A rather obvious question: Does your printer have a scanner built into it? (Some do, some don't).
take a look Here
[url =""]here [/url]
You can scan it on Epson using printer screen, do you still have manual? Then send it to your email address then you can send it.

if the printer doesn't have a scan function then you could always photograph the photo with your tablet (if that has a camera)
^ or use a digital camera
Take a photo with your phone.
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Thank you all for your comments - printer does have a scanner and tablet has a camera so, hopefully, I will eventually be able to send the photo!
Check that your printer is listed here:

Assuming it is, install this app onto your tablet:

See the 'setting up' and 'using' links here to find out how to use the app:
(If the intended reccipient of your email is expecting a photo, rather than a document, select 'JPEG' as the file type).
Two issues with this; 1. Observe any copyright that may not permit this without the Authors permission. And 2. I’m not sure if the process has changed but I do recall problems with a ‘moire’ pattern which can occur when copying because of commercial images on a page being printed as coloured dots versus square pixels!
It is extremely doubtful if any copyright issues arise, unless you’re going to publishthis pic and sell it! Exchanging such photos between friends happens millions of times eachmonth.
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Eventually I did it!!!! drmorgans - I did it your way!

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Scanning Photo From Magazine

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