Why Is It That Battery Life Is Reduced After Original Batteries Run Out?

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Alagopus | 10:10 Sun 12th Jul 2020 | Technology
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This has happened with both bathroom scales and a temperature/weather device. Once the original batteries expire replacements last only a very short time eg. a week or so.


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Really poor quality replacements?
I say that because I've never had that problem....replacement batteries usually last just as long as the originals.
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Replacements were 'Energiser' brand. The scales were so bad that had to remove batteries each time used or would be flat next time.
If that's the case then either the scales have developed a fault or you've put the batteries in wrongly. I suspect the former.
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Thanks for responses. The scales were quite expensive but out of warranty by the time I was having problems. This was a few years ago but now having same problem with temperature device.
Where do you buy your batteries? There are a lot of fakes out there and it is extremely hard to spot them.
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Usually from the chemist as they tend to have a greater range of button batteries eg: 390/389.
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Just put new ones in today that husband got from major hardware chain. See how long they last ...

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Why Is It That Battery Life Is Reduced After Original Batteries Run Out?

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