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mccracker1 | 14:28 Fri 03rd Jul 2020 | Technology
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A relative has been getting money taken out of their bank account for this company anybody heard of it and how to stop it.


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Contact the bank and ask them to stop the payments.
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Tried that but the bank have told them it is something they have subscribed to.
It was done in error by the grandson.
Then all I can suggest is that the relative throws himself/herself on the mercy of the company and ask them to cancel the account.
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But we don't know who they are.
Never heard of them and they are not on google
Are you sure of the spelling?

The domain name is currently up for sale (although it was first registrered back in 2004) and the usual Google searches (for '', ' scam', 'cavali scam', 'cavali subscription', etc) fail to find anything relevant. Usually if one person finds suspicious transactions on their bank account, Google finds hundreds more but nothing at all seems to be showing up at the moment.
Go back to the bank and explain that you think you have been the victim of a scam and ask them for particulars of the company.
The closest I can find is which is a Spanish investment services company. What does the grandson think he has signed up for a subscrption to?
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It was an ad on youtube
// the bank have told them it is something they have subscribed to.//
How would the bank know that?
Probably because most recurring payments seem to be for subscriptions and they have made an assumption Danny.
However, grandson must have entered his details and card number, so should know what he was signing up for.
How old is grandson. A child is not responsible
Nobody can take money out of your account unless you've provided them with your account details (to set up a direct debit) or your debit card details.

It's unlikely that a direct debit has been set up in this case, so that means that a 'continuous payment authority', linked to a debit card, must have been given to the people taking the money from the account. Such authorisations can be revoked at any time, simply by demanding that the bank stops making the payments. (If they then continue to make such payments, you're entitled to a refund from the bank). It's time to hassle the bank!
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Many thanx for all your advice are going to ring bank

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