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dannyk13 | 08:38 Fri 03rd Jul 2020 | Technology
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I have Google Chrome and since yesterday I have been unable access any website.When I clock on any of the website tabs the little circular thing goes round in reverse for ages and site does not load.Any suggestions welcomed.


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Does it not even go to some sort of error screen?

Lots of things it could be, from some problem with the internet connection -- presumably ruled out if you've go to AB through some other browser -- to Chrome-specific issues. Best I can recommend right now is checking to see if you've got the latest version of Chrome.
did you sort your problem out danny?
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No, it's still working.I get the google shortcuts home page.No error message.
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^ not working^
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I don't know if it means anything that I can still use my Virgin e-mail account on my smart phone.
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if I uninstall it and reinstall it will I lose things like my favourites?
Firstly, check you're on the latest version - click 3 dots top-right, hover on "Help" & click "About Google Chrome" - it'll either say you're up-to-date or automatically update it & ask you to restart the browser.

Secondly, have you cleared the browser's cache? Worth trying -

Click 3 dots, hover on "More tools", click "Clear browsing data" (you might have to click that again in the new window) - now, be careful which boxes are ticked. I would only tick "Browsing history" & "Cached images & files", but that's me.

If you're logged in with a Google account, then your bookmarks etc are safe - make sure you know the email address & password you use for that account. If you don't know the procedure for syncing your info, it's here (with more help) -
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L-i k checked help Google chrome and it is up to date.
You've told us that you can't access any website via Chrome but you've not said whether or not you can access them by using a different browser on the same machine. That information could prove to be important!
^Chris, good point...

...Danny, have you cleared the cache as described above? When restarting Chrome, does it struggle to open or is that ok & it's only within the browser that you have problems?
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Chris, no problem accessing with Avast secure browser.
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L -i k browser opens as usual.It is only when I click on a website in the task bar the circle thingy just keeps on turning backwards.
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Got to log off now.I will check in the morning for any further help.
Sorry for delay Danny, am keeping an eye out for Tesco -

^^Your 2 posts, good news, it's not a wider problem. Have you tried clearing the cache & restarting the browser?
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Reset as suggested but has not made any difference.
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Do you have a Google account? If not, create one -

If yes, click 3 dots then -

"Sync and Google services"
"Manage what you sync"
"Customise sync"

Make sure *all* the switches are to the right, so "on".

Now you can safely uninstall Chrome -

... & reinstall it via another browser -
Sorry Danny - if you do that ^, obviously you then need to sign in with your Google account when you've reinstalled, so make sure you know the email address & password that you used.

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