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retrocop | 16:09 Sat 23rd May 2020 | Technology
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It appears this upload facility has been taken off the internet. I have been checking daily for about 10 days and the site does not respond. I used another recommendation and the uploads I put in the joke section disappeared after about an hour. :-(


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Chris recommended it, maybe he can find out what's happened. Can that sort of service just disappear?
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I thought,initially, that it was shut down for maintenance or upgrading and checked daily to ascertain if it was back on line. I looked today and I can't find the site in the browser at all now. :-( has had periods of downtime in the past, only to return as strong as ever, so it might yet return.

Most people around here have switched to using ImgBB for uploading images:
(Annoyingly though, I know of no alternative service for those of us who used to display pdf files, such as my occasional crosswords, directly within a web page. We now need to use general file-sharing services instead).

ImgBB is a moderated service, so images which are deemed unsuitable (either because of their specific content or simply for copyright reasons) can sometimes disappear. Everything else should remain there for ages though.

Another alternative (although slightly less intuitive in my opinion) is Imgur:
Click 'New post'
Click 'Choose photo/video'
Navigate to the location of your image file and double click on it.
Hover your cursor over the image and click on the three dots.
Select 'Get share link'.
Next to 'Share link', click on 'Copy link'
Paste your link into an AB post, preferably mentioning that clicking on the image will enable it to be enlarged to full size.
(If you want a link that directly displays the image at full-page size though, you can use the 'normal' link yourself, then click on the image to enlarge it, followed by right-clicking and choosing 'Copy image location'. i.e. instead of this you'll get this )
Thanks Chris, that explains why some links expire then and others remain.

I will check out the alternatives and see if resurfaces.

My way of displaying a full page image above appears not to work. (It did when I tried it initially!). It's not particularly important though, as the 'normal' link still works OK anyway.

Image-hosting websites tend to come and go. They're generally hoping to make money, either through displaying adverts or in some cases by offering products (such as mugs or bags) with photos printed onto them. However it seems that the economics of running such sites simply don't stack up. At one time there were loads of picture-sharing sites, such as Webshots (which was the biggest in the world) and those run by photo companies such as Kodak, et al. However all but a handful have now disappeared :(

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