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Internet Access

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patrickstar | 18:18 Wed 08th Apr 2020 | Technology
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If the internet WiFi router stops operating and cannot be reset should plugging the ethernet cable from the router into the laptop allow access without changing any laptop settings? Have tried but laptop still showing no Internet access. Internet supplier reports no problems. Could this then be an ethernet cable problem and/or a problem with the ethernet/telephone splitter box? Thanks


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Yes, generally speaking, unless the laptop's ethernet port has been disabled. Check in Device Manager to see it if has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark next to it.

Are you sure that the actual router hasn't stopped working or there is a broadband outage in your area?
As Jim indicates, there should be no problem with simply connecting your laptop and router together via an Ethernet cable. (I've never encountered any laptop where someone has gone to the trouble of disabling its ethernet port!).

Have you tried turning your router off, waiting a minute or two and then powering it up again. It's amazing how often that can solve wifi problems!

If that doesn't help though, try resetting the TCP/IP stack on your laptop. (It's a lot easier than it sounds! Tell us which version of Windows you're using if you need instructions).

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Internet Access

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