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Prudie | 14:27 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | Technology
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Hi Chris hope you can help. I have Talktalk (well tiscali) as my main email provider but have always used the proper MS Outlook (the one that comes with paid for MS Office 2016 professional for home use) as the client to access it on my laptop. It has always been temperamental - failing to synchronise and if I close and re-open I regularly get a blue wheel and nothing happens and then randomly after 5 or 6 attempts it will open. I have a feeling that you posted something about this a few months back as a known issue and a potential solution. Do you remember?
It's very irritating although it works 90% of the time and has done so for several years. PS I know I can access my mail directly from the web but prefer not to. PPS we get our broadband from TT so also nothing to do with shutting off Tiscali accounts.


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Hi Prudie.

Sorry but I can't recall posting about this issue before and nothing immediately comes to mind now either.

You might find something useful here:
or you could try the old trick of deleting your account from Outlook, restarting your PC and then creating the account again. (Deleting the account won't delete any existing mail).

Otherwise, all I can suggest is switching to a different (and many would say better) email client:
I'd also recommend Thunderbird as an email client.

I also had trouble with MS Office Outlook which became very erratic.
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Thanks both - though I'm sure I saw Chris post some link just before I went away in Feb and thought must check that out later :-)
Wouldn't mind using something else but I'd want to see what it looked like first - its only because I use Outlook at work and know my way round it like the back of my hand so wanted the same experience at home - but yes it has never been that reliable.

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