Windows 10 Updates.

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10ClarionSt | 09:41 Tue 25th Feb 2020 | Technology
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Does anyone know what's happening with W10 updates? I've been on the MS website and it's all tech stuff that I don't understand. They seem to work on the basis that all users are familiar their terminologies. My system shows the last installed update as being 12/02/20. Since then it has been trying to install something called update 1903. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.


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i'm not an expert but i think 1903 was a major update that took my laptop hours to complete :-(

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Thanks. I keep getting a message to say it failed to install that update. But what about other updates? Does the 1903 update have to be installed in order to allow further updates? If so, that's really bad.
my laptop last updated in the second week of feb, i don't expect any more 'til the second week in march. 1903 downloaded last june on my laptop?

I`m on the advanced program - Windows Insider - and considering the amount of time it seems to spend on updating I can say I`ve seen any improvements that are relevant to my needs.
The software should know what order things must be installed.
You probably would benefit from checking why it said it failed. You may be out of space or other resource. Or maybe it's the Net connection. If it has downloaded and it's the install that's failed maybe deleting the download and retrying an update might help.
Remember that the operating system is not only a tool for us to play about on the web. I is also intended to be a system for businesses and developers to use and is constantly upgrading features and extensions. The latest upgrade for instance came with a very usefull feature that enabled me to sync all the duplicated bookmarks/favourites across the devices that I have running. Every upgrade come with a memo that lists and gives hints on using the new features and is worth reading and indeed saving for future reference. There is also a very comprehensive catalogue of extensions now available from microsoft, again some of them are very useful for office work or stores and goods tracking businesses. I have just been having a look at one click screen shot and an url shortener feature. Some interesting audo extensions knocking about now as well. I also am part of the insider programme. I also run the new Edge Beta browser.
I am currently running with the 1909 X 86 Based System (KB4532693) which was installed on 12/02/2020 and was itself a cumulative update for the existing 1909 system which was installed November 2019.
On the pro version its 2004 dated 15/12/2019 build 19041.84
Can I ask [email protected] why did you opt to go for the pro version? Did you purchase it or was it already on a machine that you purchased? Or again did it upgrade you to 10 pro because you were running the pro version of a previous operating system....say xp or 7? The pro version appears to have a lot of specialist features and some security functions like Bitlocker encryption and Information Protection systems that look a bit overkill for doing a stint on the webby watsit now and again. Unless you are a mystery mole who needs to be undercover at all times :))
I bought a pro W7 because I didn't want to find out later my O/S didn't have something I decided I needed. So it remained pro on the free W10 upgrade. Probably lots I'm unaware of in it that I'd want if I only knew.
Gotcha Geezer(have been out before the snow arrives). So if you had an upgrade from 7 or xp that was the pro version, you automatically inherited w10 pro. That explains a lot I suspect. If you are using a desktop or a premium spec laptop then w10 pro is going to run without problems, but I suspect that if you are running a standard spec older laptop or tablet then the pro version is going to be quite a challenge for the device. W10, we know, requires a decent enough spec. to run properly and the pro version is even more resource needy.
Geezer you can compare the W10 hoe and pro versions here.

Here is a list of all the Microsoft W10 extensions. This list was sent to me this morning and shows Edge browser addons. I am pretty sure that all the extensions are developed to work in other browsers but perhaps not all. I have not checked.

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