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poppysix | 15:08 Sun 08th Dec 2019 | Technology
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Hi, recently bought a tablet, when I switched it on BTwifi fon was on the screen it said I was in a hotspot Do I need any other equipment inside my house to get it to work, I have a computer but only have 10gb broadband, I bought the tablet so that I could download books from the library and use there free wifi. and what is FON thanks


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I believe you need to subscribe to BTFON in order to use their wifi:

Check out the prices. It may be better value for you than having your own wifi.
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should have said my phoneline is with bt and I buy my internet with plusnet
No but you will need to log in using your BT home page log in details. I have used the BT hotspots from Cornwall and Devon to Liverpool on my travels.
"I buy my internet with plusnet"

I'm confused now! You already have your own Broadband - what do you need BTFON for?
//and what is FON thanks//

"Fon is the world’s first global wi-fi network and aims to give all its members access to wireless broadband wherever they are in the world. Since March 2009, all new BT Broadband customers are automatically members of the Fon community and agree to securely share a portion of their wi-fi bandwidth through a separate channel on their hub."
Most of the BT FON hotspots deliver well in excess of the 10gb that Poppy is now receiving.
One has one's own broadband in one's own house. That signal won't be in range when out and about, thus the desire for other internet connections.
This can be useful. It shows the BT FON hotspots in the UK.
"Do I need any other equipment inside my house to get it to work"

Just use your own Broadband when you are inside your house.
Your BT ( or other ) home wifi is secure and protected. BT fon is not secure. I thought about downloading free books from the library using BorrowBox and then found there was hardly anything worth reading and newish popular books had months of waiting time, which I couldn't understand. Why would you have to wait to download a book?? Was very disappointed and dropped the idea.

Your tablet wifi enabled card will accept BT FON without a router if you log in as a BT user and customer. You do not need any other equipment other than a system that is wifi enabled. whether it be phone, tablet, laptop, desk top, kindle. etc. etc.
Sorry. Having read Togo's entry I may be secure.
'it' not I
Perhaps the library has only licence and the legal right to allow one copy to be downloaded over a specific period.

Does the borrower have to upload it back after they've finished reading it ?
That sounds sensible OG. But the wait seems a lot longer than with a hard copy, possibly because the library buys multiple copies of popular books.
// BT fon is not secure.//

Nonsense. BT FON is prerfectly secure as long as you log in with your BT account and password. I have been using it with no problem for at least 5 years now on 4 different devices when we are away from home. Never had a problem. The only concession that I make when using it is to delay any system updates until I get back home. This is not because of any security concerns, it is only because I trust my home connection to stay on for the duration of the upgrade more, and I do not want to be away from home with a machine down.
Sorry Margaret..... your retraction was not there when I started my preamble. Apologies.
Not knowing what tablet you've got, can't be overly specific, but...
Look for an app called "Settings" - usually a 'cog' icon, and select Connections - WiFi - & suchlike.
A list of WiFi signals should appear, including your own router and the BT FON one which is probably one of your near neighbours.
Select your own router and enter the wireless key. If you haven't changed it, it'll be the one on the back or bottom of the router.
Poppy does not need to go into settings to access FON wifi. When it is available it appears in the pop up menu hidden behind the wifi icon on the tablet. The menu that appears there will give a full list of wifi options available, whether they are secure,(needing a password) or open. BT FON will show as open but clicking on it requires either a sign in with your BT account details or an agreement to pay a fixed fee for a set time and a payment method setting up.

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Btwifi With Fon

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