Cd Player Advice Needed.

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jocon | 09:59 Mon 09th Dec 2019 | Technology
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Hi -
I would like to get a multi disc music cd player but am not sure what other components will be needed to actually play and listen to the discs at home. The player I had in mind is ONKYO DX-C390 - (6 cds). This seems to be just the player part of the set up and I presume it needs to be connected to an amplifier (?) and speakers. I have an old Sony CMT-SPZ90DB micro system that has worked really well over the years but has been going on the blink
lately. I don't think it can connect with the Onkyo, or any of the other modern players which all seem to have the white and red connectors. I had thought that it might connect via headphone port and audio in, but that's no go.
Any advice appreciated.


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The Onkyo player will give best results if you use its digital output to connect to a device that offers a digital input. However it does also have an analogue output available via a pair of RCA/phono sockets.

The only input available on your Sony micro system is a 3.5mm jack socket. So you should be able to make the connection using one of these: User Recommendation
CDs are ancient history. Clunky and not easy to find just what you want to play. Much better now to play straming music on demand from Spotify or Amazon Music. No hassle, great quality and anything you can possibly want when you want it.
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Buenchico - Thanks for interest and reply.
Of the items in your Amazon link (thanks for that) = 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Cable - 7.6m / 25 Feet = I presume that the red and white plugs go in the appropriate ports on the Onyko and the smaller plug into the "audio in" on the Sony, which would then act as amplifier with speakers. That's the sort of set up I thought would work.
Yup! That's it ;-) may well consider CDs as "ancient history", but if you have a collection of several will want something to play them on, rather than ditching them all.
Oh, and presumably you consider vinyl records to be history even more ancient than CDs....and look what's happening to them.
streaming music is all well and good, as long as your interent does not go down, i have cd's and vinyl, also thousand of mp3's flac files on hard drives, i never stream online music from sites mentioned, i like to look at my old vinyl albums, nostalgia perhaps, but im from generation
where vinyl was king, then came 8 track players, cassettes, i like hard copies.
^^^fender...I have a young relative who really wishes he had his music on something tangible, too. Nothing quite like poring over old album sleeves, is there?
gingejbee, true i was looking at my sgt pepper album, it still has the inserts inside album, as do my floyd albums dsom posters, still mint.

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Cd Player Advice Needed.

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