12 Volt Car Fan

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stanbesida | 21:13 Sun 26th May 2019 | Technology
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I have a fan which I used in my car a number of years ago, it runs from 12 volts, and I would like to be able to either run it from USB cable or a PP3 battery (9 volt) can anybody tell me whether this is possible, and if so, what I will need to do to reduce the voltage required to make it work?


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The normal USB output voltage is 5V (not sufficient to run the fan), a PP3 battery might run the fan, but slowly and I would not expect the battery to last long.

I would recommend you buy a 12Vdc adapter and use this to power the fan, I guess the fan might draw as much as 1A; alternatively purchase a fan designed to be powered from a USB output (fitted with a USB plug).
I agree.
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Many thanks for your answers, I didn't think it would work but I wasn't sure, hence the reason that I decided to ask you brainy A.B'ers.

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12 Volt Car Fan

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