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Transferring Books From Kindle Fire Hd To Ipad Air 2019

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rabbit2 | 17:23 Sun 28th Apr 2019 | Technology
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Can someone tell me step by step how to transfer book from kindle fire to new ipad air 2019 as unsure how to exactly? Is it best to just transfer one book at a time that want to read or the whole library. I don't wish to take up memory on ipad so will it save to cloud automatically if the whole library transferred?
How do I delete a book after finishing it permanently from ipad air as read cant be done as apple....I have downloaded the kindle reading app onto my ipad. I know how to delete from the kindle permanently but guessing it won't automatically sync and delete from ipad.
Thanks for any help from other owners.


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Put the kindle app on your ipad. You can then choose what to download to your kindle app on the ipad and delete them just from the ipad when you are finished with them
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I have put the kindle app on the ipad but don't know if I need to do anything on the kindle fire. Thanks
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Also can anyone answer other query from original post about transferring one book or whole library. Thanks
You shouldn't need to do anything on the Fire. Just log in to the same account on your iPad app and the books should be there ready to click on download.
To delete the book from your iPad, long click on the book then click 'remove from device'. It will still be in the cloud library but not on your iPad.
You don’t transfer anything, you just sign in on the kindle app on the ipad and click on will see all the books you have on amazon and can choose what to download. You will also be able to access them on your fire. The kindle app works more or less the same wherever its installed.
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Thank you so much everyone! When I set up ipad initially had to use fingerprint id as well as create a password as dont have other apple iphone.....but now only need to enter password and no fingerprint asked for. Is this a thing with apple that only have this on set up as I would prefer fingerprint whenever need to log in.
In you ipad settings there should be a section headed touch id and passcode and that’s where you set up fingerprint log on
As you have already set up fingerprint id try ignoring the password request and try the fingerprint instead
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ok will try thanks

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Transferring Books From Kindle Fire Hd To Ipad Air 2019

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