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AndiFlatland | 17:56 Sun 28th Apr 2019 | Technology
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OK, I give up!

I've been aware of this spectacular item for several years now, and I've tried again and again to find any way of getting hold of one. Can't even find any more than what's on Wikipedia - which is technically informative, but gives no real clue as to exactly what it is - or was - and leads me to no further information. Like what was on the disc, who - if any - was the artiste, the label or catalogue number, year of issue, etc. :

It looks like it was some kind of promotional disc, run up in small quantities at the time that lasers and holograms were the new state of the art. Light Fantastic was an amazing exhibition of lasers and holography that ran at the Royal Institution in Piccadilly (London) in 1978 which, as I was working just down the road from there, I visited several times during my lunch hours. But whether there was music on it, or whatever, I've been unable to ascertain. I definitely didn't see this item at the exhibition - but Rod Argent released a 7" single of a track called Light Fantastic, which was the theme of the show - great keyboard track!

The company seems to have been Han-o-Disc, but that information draws a complete blank, too, other than that it issued a few odd punk-y discs in the late 70s - but no further info on Google, Wikipedia, or even on Discogs, which is usually the oracle for all things vinyl.

Can anybody offer any more information about this item, as I would love to add one to my colossal and very eclectic collection of records, which just loves the charismatic and unusual such as this?

There is another link to a similar thing, which may or may not be the other side of the disc:

Any help or information would be very much appreciated, as I've exhausted all the possibilities that I can think of!

Beautiful pieces of technology, I think you'll agree.

Many thanks.


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I am bored and no nothing about this subject. (just in case this answer it totally stupid).

Have you read this info?
I recall visiting this exhibition too, on a school trip (it was an innocent time - we were just allowed to wander around London on our own!). I recall the laser show as being pretty mind blowing to a rural 15 year old! I also remember being blown away by the music. This was in a day before the Internet of course, yet somehow I managed to find the Rod Argent single and order it. I also have the album, Space Art (by Space Art - Dominique Perrier and Roger Rizzitelli). I was just listening to this on CD (original I got was vinyl of course) which is what made me look this up and find this question :)

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