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KARL | 12:34 Sun 14th Apr 2019 | Technology
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I am trying to play video shots stored on an SD card and almost every one crashes within a second or two resulting in a message stating that an error occurred (internal data stream error). With earlier recordings I kept getting a blank screen and the message "Error in video stream" - some recordings had no data, none would play at all. The recordings I am currently looking at are the latest batch. I am using Ubuntu and Parole media player. All the videos were recorded using the same camera hardware which is new. Is the camera the likeliest source of the problem or is it my computer ? I can successfully play other recordings made on other equipment but for playback using the same computer, OS, etc.


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Could it be that the SD card isn't capable of supplying the data fast enough for the player. Copy the video from the SD card to the computer hard drive and try again.
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Thank you for the suggestion bhg481 - I have just tried that: No change, still crashing.
I suspect that the camera is using a codec which Parole doesn't recognise. Try installing 'restricted extras':

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Thank you Chris, I should have mentioned that I have a single, tiny example of success: a 14 second test recording which runs satisfactorily from start to finish, audio and video. So presumably the software (Ubuntu + Parole) is not the problem ? What do you think ?
My own instinct would be to try a different media player. If the problem persists then it's clearly a problem with the files produced by the camera. If it disappears then it's Parole (or the codecs it's using) at the core of the problem.
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Chris, I had access to a different computer which I believe to have a different video player - same result. Then someone offered to carry out analysis on one of the files. Judgement: The format is MJPEG which appears to wrong foot the players, at least every time but one so far - so you are likely correct.

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Internal Data Stream Error

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