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Tubbycoates | 19:42 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Technology
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Hi all,

I've downloaded a virus onto my laptop.

I've downloaded Avast to clean it, and it has got rid of loads of stuff.

However, it still, every few minutes, just freezes.

I've tried doing a full scan using Avast, but it freezes after getting to 78%.

Has anyone any ideas? It seems to me that although most of the laptop is ok, some os it is still infected.

Thanks in advance.


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Start your laptop in Safe Mode and run an anti-virus scan from there. If you're using a version of Windows before Windows 10, press F8 during the boot-up process and select the relevant boot option from the screen menu. (Use the Up/Down keys and then hit Enter). If you're using Windows 10, see the video below instead.

If that doesn't help, try running System Restore to take your laptop's registry back to a date before the problem first occurred.

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Thank you
If that doesnt work try googling Norton Power Eraser - its free.
did you not have an anti virus prog on your laptop to start with ?
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I think I had something called defender, but it didn't stop it getting through.

I've lost the WiFi connections, and don't know how to get them back, so it's back to the seller to hopefully sort it out.

Thanks all

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