How To Prevent One Note From Opening On Boot-Up

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SteveD | 08:10 Sat 17th Nov 2018 | Technology
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When I switch on my PC (Windows 10), a small Send to One Note window always opens up at bottom left of the desktop.

I have done a Google search regarding this and it appears that it is a common problem. I have tried some of the "remedies" suggested but none has worked. Does anyone have a simple method to prevent this window opening?

Thanks in advance.


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Good little app Steve......but it would be annoying I admit. Have a read through this if it is not one of the forums that you already found.
Click the Start button.

Type 'msconfig' in the search box.

Click on 'msconfig' in the results field above the box.

Click the 'Startup' tab.

Remove the tick next to OneNote

Click Apply.

Click OK.
Question Author
I type msconfig in search box.
It ofers System Configuration.
I click Start Up.
It says "To manage start up items, use the 'Start Up' section of task Manager. I click on 'Open Task Manager'.
Task Manager open up, already in 'Start Up'.
Send to one Note Tool is listed but there are no checked boxes for any of the apps. Instead they are shown as 'Enabled' (except for One Note which I previously set to 'disabled'). This has not prevented the One Note window from opening after a re-boot.
If you don't use OneNote anyway, you can remove the app via PowerShell:

Copy the following line of text to your clipboard. (Drag your mouse over it to highlight it, then right-click and select 'Copy'):
Get-AppxPackage *onenote* | Remove-AppxPackage

Click 'Start'

Click 'Search'

Type 'PowerShell'

RIGHT-click 'Windows PowerShell'

Select 'Run as administrator'

Right-click at the end of the text in the window and select 'Paste'

Hit Enter

Restart your computer.
Having had a look through the various forums Steve it looks as if you need to uncheck One Note "start with one note", but check place One Note icon in task view bar in your display settings(or not if you don't want it there)

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How To Prevent One Note From Opening On Boot-Up

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