Convert You Tube Songs To Mp3

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tezmand | 17:56 Wed 11th Jul 2018 | Technology
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hi guys anyone know a free way off converting you tube songs to mp3 or a way to add to my i tunes free


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Stream-ripping, such as you propose, is of course illegal and costs the music industry billions of dollars each year. I only do it for music that can't easily be purchased (such as music sung by youth and community choirs, etc).

However there are countless ways of achieving your aim. They include browser extensions and standalone software but one of the simplest is to use one of the multitude of online services which can extract MP3 content from Youtube streams. e.g.
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every so often these sites tend to disappear, perhaps for the reason Buenchico mentions. I just find another one by googling "You tube to mp3"
I use the website to download videos and convert Youtube to mp3

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Convert You Tube Songs To Mp3

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