Hands Free Best Kit?

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bainbrig | 15:33 Wed 11th Jul 2018 | Technology
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Oldish car (2006 Nissan), new Phone (Samsung J320).

My partner wants 'proper' hands-free - the sort where you have a button on the steering wheel which you press to answer a call, or to end a call.

Suggestions for which kit to get appreciated.




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Parrot MKi9200, buttons can bet attached to the steering wheel or any flat surface within reach using the mounts supplied.
It also has the facility to answer using voice command.

You will need a 'sound on top' harness adaptor, easily found, for about £20. The piggy-backs the Nissan and Parrot wiring making removal easy when the car goes.
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Blimey. Looks like the thing, but £229? (Enter joke here about how much my 12 year old Nissan is worth).
It will go on to your next and subsequent cars though.
Quality never goes out of style. :-)

It can be had for about £150 if you can fit it yourself.
Would an AI Speed not do ? Only £12.
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Tell me about this A1!
Not the one I have - don't make it anymore but is similar.
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Trouble is, partner wants the sort where this is no earpiece etc. Just her smartphone on the dash, set to speaker, so she can press the ‘take call’ button on the wheel and talk at the phone. The cheap system seems to involve wires...
Do you mean the steering wheel has a phone button present?
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No, but I thought that came with the kit.
All one has to do to answer a call is press the button on the earpiece - £12 v £100 guess which one I bought?

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Hands Free Best Kit?

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