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ro2124 | 16:15 Sun 10th Jun 2018 | Technology
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Been living in Germany for a few months.
Although Germany is quite a pleasant place to live, there is one thing I absolutely hate about it and that is German television! , it's just total crap.
It seems to consist largely of advertisements!
One channel in particular has 6 minute advertisement break every 8 to 9 minutes it's just atrocious.
Another thing I hate is that everything is dubbed into German. Germans are probably used to it,but for native English speakers watching a UK or US movie dubbed into German, is just terrible I can't watch it.
Tried to watch Star Trek but hearing a distinguished actor like Sir Patrick Stewart talking in an unnatural German voice, it's just unwatchable.
Also tried watching that very funny American comedy series Big Bang Theory.... Forget it, dubbed. Into German it's about as funny as having tooth pulled out with rusty pliers.

Well in other non English speaking countries I got round these things by downloading torrents... Yes I know it's a bit naughty with copyright and everything, but let's face it millions of people do it.
Most countries don't bother in enforcing it but apparently in Germany they do.
Well this is Germany, "Ordnung muss sein"
From what I can gather it's not the government enforcing it , but some dodgy shyster law firms cashing in.
Some people after a few downloads get a letter demanding large fines of €1,000 or more or face legal action in civil Court.
Some people say they are just trying it on and just to ignore it, but there seems differing opinions on that so its a risk.
Well computer geeks normally find a way around these things, but I am shall we say ermm.. Technologically challenged.
Well can do most normal things but when it comes to complicated stuff like programming, etc. Might as well ask next door's cat.
I know there are certain ways to disguise IPs like with VPNs ,peer disguising stuff, etc but not an expert at that or how effective they are against snooping shyster law firms.
Well, of course Legal downloads also an option as long as they are not too expensive.

Any advice would be welcome if I have to watch another German dubbed movie I am considering ritual suicide.ahhrghh.


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Get a kodi box. They're blooming marvellous!!!
We've always used torrents in Germany and never had a problem but yeah Kodi box of VPN.
Torrent downloads are being dealt with in this country. I had an email about a movie my son downloaded, with date of download etc. Stopped him using it.
Get a kodi box( one with nothing on it) and a decent vpn service add the apk's you want and and off you go
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