Chipped x-box.

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crowdpleeser | 18:55 Tue 01st Nov 2005 | Technology
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I have a chipped x-box, and have been happily playing games from the hard drive. However, how can I delete games that I have completed or don't like? I have copied them to the f:drive, (not the f:drive for the games.)Can anyone help me?


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you connect this to your pc to load the games on to the hard drive yes? Does it not appear just as another hard drive with the files on it, you should just be able to delete them

be warned, the new xbox360 is designed to inform microsoft if it is chipped or modified in anyway to accept pirated or copied games and also notifies them what u have installed over their xbox live system, if u have one chipped etc then it bans your xbox live account permantly and also if a lot of games have been installed on it prosecution could follow. Its because the new system is designed to be connected at all times and is free for the basic internet content. This is just one of several anti piracy/anti hacking systems incorporated within the new system.

Although this wont effect original xboxs directly as they dont have the system components to send info about any modding effecting it directly to microsoft, it is believed that xbox live is already detecting any games u play over the live system and checking to see if they are pirated versions and some accounts have been suspended pending further investigation due to the findings.

My advice, with original xbox, dont play online any games that are pirated, and for xbox360, just dont pirate anything at all! if u do never connect it to the internet as it will send details to microsoft even if u dont play any games!

You'll need to access the XBOX hard drive through a simple network between your XBOX and your PC (a length of crossed network cable will do if you don't run it through a hub/switch and a length of straight cable if it is run through a hub/switch). Then you will need to open the XBOX hard drive with an FTP program on your PC (something like CuteFTP, BPFTP or FlashFXP) then simply browse to the partition with the stored games and delete the folder.

There could be a simpler way of doing this with a program installed to the XBOX, but that's the way I delete movies/games from mine.
Just had a bit of a play on my XBOX and it looks like you can delete games/movies/mp3s from your hard drive using XBOX Media Center if you have it installed on your XBOX.

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Chipped x-box.

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