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Google Homepage Query

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Prudie | 10:43 Sat 25th Feb 2017 | Technology
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Under the search bar on my google homepage are 8 boxes that used to be filled with my regular links. When I had to clear my browsing history to make this new site work (Grrrrr) I lost those links and they are now blank bar 2. My query is I seem to have no control over what goes in there, how can I put my favourites back there (there doesn't seem to be any connection with my actual bookmarked and favourites links)?


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Question Author
Thank you mamya, at least that shows Chris what I see
Thanks for that Mamya but it looks very complicated. I think I'll stay as I am for now. :-)
I just wait and they fill up.
\\ Not sure why anyone would use a different search engine anyway\\
It is believed that it tracks your interests and, over time can build a detailed dossier that describes virtually every aspect of your character, food preferences, religious beliefs, medical problems, sexual inclinations, parenting challenges, political leanings etc etc. In other words, when you use Google's search engine, Google’s gotcha
Ah, now I see. You're not using Google at all. You're simply using Chrome (which happens to be made by Google).

Like Firefox, by default Chrome keeps a record of your most visited websites and offers them to you as links when you open a new tab. (The very first thing I do when installing Firefox on a new computer is to disable that feature. I hate it!). While you can move those 'boxes' about, and delete ones you don't want (as here: ) you can't directly create new content for the boxes; you have to wait until Chrome has learnt which sites you visit most often.
^^^ Well put, Bertrum!

It's not too bad though if:
(a) you never log into a Google account or, at least, log out of it as soon as you don't actually need its features ; and
(b) you ensure that your browser never retains any history (and preferably also run third-party software at least once per day, as I do, to clean up any remaining traces of web activity)
Question Author
Well thank you all I believe I have the answer. There's no point in pursuing "You're not using Google at all. You're simply using Chrome" because I used google with Internet Explorer too, before Chrome came along - and I only changed because this site is utter pants on IE
I wasn't suggesting that you don't use Google as your search engine, only that your question hasn't got anything to do with it. (It's solely connected to the way that Chrome works, as it's configured to give you a Google search box, and links to your most frequently visited sites, when you open a new tab).

>>> I only changed because this site is utter pants on IE.

We're agreed on that then. IE is 'utter pants' at any time!

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