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Google Homepage Query

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Prudie | 10:43 Sat 25th Feb 2017 | Technology
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Under the search bar on my google homepage are 8 boxes that used to be filled with my regular links. When I had to clear my browsing history to make this new site work (Grrrrr) I lost those links and they are now blank bar 2. My query is I seem to have no control over what goes in there, how can I put my favourites back there (there doesn't seem to be any connection with my actual bookmarked and favourites links)?


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Having done the same thing , Prudie, I found that the more I used a site, it eventually came back on the Google Homepage screen.

I have no idea how to retrieve them but do know that you can close them down.
Question Author
It's odd though Tilly, it's put 2 things in I have looked at occasionally but AB for example is not there and I look at that daily. I'm surprised there is no control over it.
on my home computer it defaults to the sites ive most visited, however on chrome at work it misses out various sites that i have to go to a lot for work. It's weird!
Wouldn't it be easier (and safer) to put your favourite links onto your browser's bookmarks toolbar? That way you won't lose them again if you need to clear data from your browser's cache at some time in the future.
Question Author
If that was for me then I always have as mentioned in OP. I just wanted to know how to re-fill those boxes.
You must have used some sort of 'personalisation' setting as most people don't see those boxes when they go to Google. (Indeed, given that there's a Google search box at the top right of most browser windows, most people never actually go to the Google home page anyway. I certainly don't).

So what you're looking for might be somewhere amongst this lot:
I have never done any of that ^, Chris but I do get the boxes. How odd.
Are you permanently signed in with a Google account then, Tilly2? That might explain it. (I reluctantly set up a Google account some time back but I make damned sure that I log out of it as soon as possible after using it!)
i think it's a thing on chrome
I do use Chrome and never sign out.
My home page is 'Google UK'- no boxes, but if I click 'New Tab' I get a Google page with the boxes.

They take a while but they eventually do settle back into your regular pages after a clear out.
Question Author
Well now I'm even more confused and have been made to feel a bit stupid. I don't have a google account, I don't sign into anything and have never set up personal settings. I can't see a google search box on the top right corner of any page, I'm just talking about when I open a new tab. Chrome is my browser and that defaults to google. Not sure why anyone would use a different search engine anyway. the boxes are under the central search bar.
Prudie, I don't have a Google account either.
....and I don't have a Google search box either.
Question Author
That's a relief. I think from other answers they will slowly fill up all by themselves :-)
Looks more or less like this...
yes, they will actually change from time to time if you use one site less but start using another one more. But they should gradually autofill.
When using Chrome you don't need to go to the Google page to search. Simply enter your search terms in the address bar instead. It does exactly the same thing!

I still don't know about those boxes though. Perhaps Chrome is configured to change the view of a Google search page in some way? (I can't stand Chrome. I find Firefox far more intuitive to use).
Question Author
It's not going to the google page per se, it's on opening a new tab. And anything you type in the central box goes straight to the address bar as you are advising anyway!!

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