Have I messed up my comp?

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pigface | 10:34 Fri 14th Oct 2005 | Technology
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Last night I was shutting down Windows XP Home Edition and turned the power off at the plug before the computer had completely turned itself off.

Now when I try to turn the computer on it immediately goes to the page asking whether you want to start in safe mode, last known good configuration, normal mode etc.

When I try to start the comp in any of these modes loading only goes as far as Windows XP flag thingy, then the screen goes black, then the computer re-starts and brings up the safe mode etc. screen.

I have tried pressing F1 on start up and messing about with the boot disk and so on but nothing seems to work.

I do not possess a start up disk as apparently they are not required anymore.

Apparantly the comp has a seaparated hard drive (whatever that means)

Can anyone help?


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Do you have the original Windows XP CD? If so you can boot up using that (provided your system BIOS has 'Boot From CD' enabled) and attempt a repair.

Whoever said that a startup disk is no longer required obviously has not encountered the situation in which you find yourself. I would always recommend having a set of Emergency Rescue Disks to hand with any flavour of Windows.

I also suspect that the term you were looking for was 'partitioned' harddrive.

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I have lost the original XP CD.

Is is possible to re-boot using downloaded floppy disks?
Yes, you can download copies of the startup disks and boot from them.
i had exact same prob as you -but in my case it was a hard disk failiure-so beware
i am not at all technical but i had the same sort of problem as you pigface and i could not sort it out but i had a visit from a friend and he had a look at it ,and then he just pulled the plug from the rear of my pc ,the one that supplies the power then plugged it back in and started the pc up and everything went back to normal .you could try this as i can't see that it will do any harm and if it works great and if it doesn't there should be no harm of luck .

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Have I messed up my comp?

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