Copy Phone Book To Car Via Blue Tooth

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countrykid | 18:11 Tue 21st Jun 2016 | Technology
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I have only partially been able to copy the phone book on my Motorola Moto G2 phone to my Hyundai i20 car. I have no idea why some phone numbers have copied over, whilst others haven't. I repeated the process several times and each time the odd number that previously didn't transfer has copied, but another that was there before, has now gone!

The dealer suggests that as my phone is not on a list that they have, it is not compatible. I appreciate this may be the reason, but it just seems strange that it is partially successful. The other thing it gets wrong is the name/s of some contacts and leaves out part of it, which means when I scroll down the list, I am unsure what is what for some eg AA Chris Ath becomes AA Ath. I have several contacts that begin AA xxxx Ath so in the car I cannot tell who is who, Any help appreciated


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According to their own online compatibility checker your phone should give full functionality via Bluetooth.
A key thing to remember about car dealers is that once they have your money they get all lazy and unhelpful.
Maybe contacting Hyundai directly, giving details of who you've spoken to at the branch would shake things up a little in the customer service department.
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Thanks Douglas for checking Hyundai online. I never thought of that. Fair point re dealers losing interest post purchase, however you'd think they'd take the view of repeat business.
I'll contact Hyundai and see what they say. A friend has suggested it might be to do with how the numbers are stored on the phone eg some on sim and some on phone. On my old simple phone, I knew how to check, but with this smartphone, I cannot find out. However, the fact that each time I retry I get an occasional extra contact copied, suggests this is not the cause. Any more help from others appreciated
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Copy Phone Book To Car Via Blue Tooth

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