Scanning Problem With Hp Printer

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henbreeder | 18:17 Tue 21st Jun 2016 | Technology
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My fairly new HP printer has suddenly lost the ability to scan. I usually scan to my computer, but now I get a message saying "computer not found". Everything else is fine, so short of uninstalling it, any suggestions what I could do.


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My HP scanner/printer suddenly failed to see my computer when I asked it to scan.

However, when I when into 'Scanners and Faxes' on my PC and 'requested' (as it were) a scan......all was suddenly well.
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I'm on Windows 10, and can't find 'Scanners and Faxes' - have been into 'Devices and Printers' but it's not under that. Looked under all programmes as well and can't locate it
I'm windows 7.
When I press the big Windows button (bottom left) the Menu pops up with 'Windows fax and scan' as the very first item, I don't have to search for it.

Failing that I can be of no further help, but hope you find a solution. :o)
Your 'printer' is actually several different devices (printer, scanner, etc) in one box and your computer sees them all entirely separately, as each component has its own driver. If the printer part is working, but the scanner isn't recognised, then your computer clearly can't find the driver for the scanner. So you need to reinstall it. You can either do that from the disc which came with the printer/scanner or, if you tell us the model, I'll give you the link to download it.
I had this problem as I used to use the controls on the printer to scan.

Now I have an app Hp AiO (Hp all in One). I now use the app as the control. This may help you.
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Thank you to all - it seems to have fixed itself, somehow. It's not working quite the same as it did, but can now scan to computer again.

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Scanning Problem With Hp Printer

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