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My Iphone 5C Is Not Ringing For Incoming Calls Since Software Update

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Galaxy1965 | 06:43 Thu 04th Feb 2016 | Technology
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My iPhone 5c is not ringing for incoming calls since software update, do not disturb is not switch on and volume is right up but it still does not ring, can anyone help?
Thank in advance.


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//I had this same issue, but it was not the switch, and it was not the Do Not Disturb being on. Go to "Settings", then "Do Not Disturb". In that screen, there is a selection for "Allow Calls From". Somehow, mine got changed to Favorites. I selected "Everyone" and now my phone rings no matter who calls.

The software update must have changed this setting because I've never visited this screen before this issue. As of this posting, I have an iPhone 5c with the latest software.//

What of other settings ? Is the set ring tone silence maybe ? Is it on vibrate only, or off maybe ? Probably worth checking them all.
Perhaps the following link could be useful to read :-


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Thanks for everyone's help, ringing now.

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My Iphone 5C Is Not Ringing For Incoming Calls Since Software Update

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